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NFL Picks Team Rules (Last Updated: 6/5/17)

  1. Picks must be turned in by the game deadline as stated in the NFL Picks system. Picks turned in after the game's deadline may be used only at the sole discretion of the NFL Picks Organizer mailed to him with the reason.
  2. Picks and Stats are done for the whole regular season. Each game picked correctly will count as a "Win". Each incorrect pick will count as a "Loss". In the event of a tied game, it will count as a "Win" for anyone who picked. Ranking is done by the most wins.
  3. Each week will have a winner as well.
  4. Active Email address. Team members must keep their email address up to date. This is not only their login, but the way for the Organizer to get in touch with you should there be any issues. Failure to keep an active email address may result in removal from the team.
  5. Removal of a Team Member. A team member may remove themselves at anytime they feel like it. A team member may be removed by a 2/3 majority of the team members or if they violate list policies/standards, our term of services, and/or our privacy policy.
  6. These rules may be amended by a 2/3-majority vote by Team Members or by the NFL Picks Organizer.




What is NFL Picks?
NFL Picks is a free area to compete against other pickers to see who can pick best every year of the NFL season.

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