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Dear followers of NFL Picks,
I want to first say thank you for following us. It has been a pleasure to run this site since 1999. I've met some incredible people here and also seen them part ways over time. Anytime a group has been together for 17 years it is an accomplishment of it's own. With this said, I have decided to declare this picking season (2016) as our final one. At one point, we had 35 active pictures. We have slowly dropped down to 9. The amount of time that this project takes every single year is no longer justified and I find myself not as interested in picking myself.
We had a good run and for that I am thankful. It's my hope that all of our members, both past and present, have gathered some fond memories. The discussion group list will be deleted after the 2016-17 season.
We will move this site over to the Pandora Project Legacy Site after the 2016-17 Season. You will still be able to view old seasons there after that point.

Sincerely, Bobby (NFL Picks Organizer)




What is NFL Picks?
NFL Picks is a free area to compete against other pickers to see who can pick best every year of the NFL season.

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