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What is NFL Picks?

NFL Picks is designed as a free service to be able to pick the games of the NFL Season. It was designed originally for a small group of friends offline and evolved into an online website. We've been up and running online since 1999. Think you can beat us? Come on and join. Challenge your friends too!

Is it really free?

Yes. No paypal or credit card required. Why? Because I've believed that this site should be about having fun. You will never be asked to pay a monthly or yearly fee. If you wish to donate, I won't turn down a donation to keep it running.


Congrats to Zanshiro Kim (161 - 83, 65.98%) for 3rd Place, Rod Hines (167 - 89, 65.23%) for 2nd Place, and David Hobbs (169 - 87, 66.02%) for 1st Place! In addition, the team had the best percentage for all of the teams over the history of the Picking Team.
(Posted on April 13, 2018)

6.9.3 includes a number of bug fixes as well as updating table styles. When people leave comments, all pickers will get notifications about a comment added and what week it is on.
(Posted on October 25, 2017)

6.9.2 is coming soon! Highlights of the release are: - New Member Profile Page - Comments System: Raz, Compliment, or Challenge your fellow players with a comments system for each week. Miami lay a stinker? Comment on that week and others can reply too. - Many Fixes - Link from the Project Version straight to the Pandora Project Tracker
(Posted on September 27, 2017)




What is NFL Picks?
NFL Picks is a free area to compete against other pickers to see who can pick best every year of the NFL season.

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